Erikoisnäyttely 2023

Ranskanbulldoggien erikoisnäyttely

ve4 taustalla

Tuomarinkartano, Helsinki

Urokset: Chantal van Raamsdonk-Blatter, Belgia
Nartut: Dimitry van Raamsdonk, Belgia

ROP pentu: Chantal van Raamsdonk-Blatter
ROP veteraani: Chantal van Raamsdonk-Blatter
ROP kasvattajaluokka: Chantal van Raamsdonk-Blatter
Paras pää: Chantal van Raamsdonk-Blatter

ROP: Dimitri van Raamsdonk
ROP juniori: Dimitri van Raamsdonk
ROP jälkeläisluokka: Dimitri van Raamsdonk
ROP pentukasvattajaluokka: Dimitri van Raamsdonk

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    Tuomarinkartanon vinttikoirakeskus
    Tuomarinkyläntie 1
    00690 Helsinki
    Toni Saira
    puh. 0400 377 251 / tai
    Tuomariesittely: Chantal van Raamsdonk-Blatter

    In the eighties I came in contact with the French Bulldog through my boyfriend. The parents of my boyfriend, now husband, were the owners of the famous De la Parure French Bulldog Kennel.

    Since that time, I have been involved with French Bulldogs, Bulldogs, Bullmastiffs and Old English Mastiffs. Needless to say, I have been surrounded by many dogs and several breeds ever since! Meeting with these great breeds, I have been “infected” and have devoted myself together with my husband Dimitry to the development and running of the De la Parure Kennel. During the first years I helped out with taking care of the kennel, the puppies, and of course I attended shows.

    I was fortunate to spend much “quality time” with some of the greatest pioneers, breeders and owners in different breeds. Besides taking care of our dogs, I also started to show interest in handling in the ring and I have now showed many dogs at events worldwide. I have travelled all over the world and enjoyed every minute of it.

    After my husband Dimitry passed his exams and became an FCI Judge, I decided I also wanted to become a judge. At the moment I am an active judge for several breeds in FCI Groups 2 and 3, I am a judge of Group 4 and Group 9 and I am extremely proud of what I have achieved so far and look forward to developing myself further as a breeder and judge in order to further serve our beloved breeds even better into the future.Chantal has wide experience judging, including the following countries: Netherlands, Belgium, France, Hungary, Serbia, Austria, Czech Republic, Russia, Croatia, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Norway, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Portugal and Costa Rica. Chantal was honoured to judge at the World Dog Show in Amsterdam, and the Polish KC’s 80 th Anniversary Show, together with numerous International Shows and a number of breed specialty shows.

    Chantal is also a member of the Belgium and Dutch French Bulldog Clubs, and secretary of an International All Breeds Show, together with being part of the organising team of the Bullbreeds Show in the Netherlands.
    Tuomariesittely: Dimitry Alexander van Raamsdonk

    From the day I was born I came in contact with dogs and French bulldogs in particular. One can say I was “infected” by the “Frenchie virus”. During my childhood years I have followed my parents during long travels to the numerous dogs shows throughout the world. I was fortunate to spend “quality time” with some of the greatest pioneers, breeders owners of many breeds. I spent many years of my childhood in Germany and UK among people who had different other breeds besides their French bulldogs. Besides Frenchies we have bred Bulldogs, Bullmastiffs and owned several other mostly Molossian breeds.

    In those days “junior handling” did not really exist. I “showed” dogs during the so called “Junior fancy dress show” where you had to “dress up” in a personality which had some kind of connection with the breed or its origin. Later on I chose to stay at home and care for the dogs while my parents were away traveling, showing or judging. I loved to work with my four legged friends: taking care of them and simply be there for them and to play and train. They were always great company and good fun to be around with.

    Since a youngster I have been always been around numerous litters. The breeders which have been our tutors were all vets. I have seen, heard, learned a lot about natural selection and how important it was to observe dogs clearly so you are able to “read” your dogs.

    A bit later I also started to show interest in showing dogs and I guess the rest is “history”. Fairly young I travelled all over the globe and I enjoyed every minute of it. I especially enjoy the bond you build with the dog(s). I love the challenge to try and get a super connection with a dog in order to get that “click”. This makes it able to achieve great results together.

    I showed many French bulldogs of which some are very well known in the French bulldog scene worldwide. We have bred, raised, trained, loved, (co)owned, handled multiple Group Winners, Multiple BIS Winners, 24 FCI World Winner Titles, Cruft Winners and exported our dogs to 60 countries worldwide. Many successful kennels worldwide based their kennel on our lines or where heavily influenced by them.

    Finally I wanted to follow my parents footsteps and I decided I also wanted to become a judge. For me it is of paramount importance that dogs will stay our sound, healthy and happy companions now and in the future!

    Of course I also enjoy the Dog Show Club life and currently I am in several functions:
    - President of the Belgium French Bulldog Club
    - President of the Outdoor Uden International Dog Show
    - President of the Federation Mollosser breeds NL
    - Member of the Management board of the Belgian Kennel Club

    I am extremely proud of what I have achieved so far and look forward that I can keep developing myself as breeder, owner, and judge in order to serve our beloved breeds even better in the near future.