If you are not yet a member, now it is worth to join. As an Annual member of The Finnish French Bulldog Club of an ordinary member, get access to, inter alia, the following benefits:

Member Benefits:

  • Ranskis-magazine, published four times per year.
  • Lower advertisement prices in Ranskis-magazine.
  • Lower registration fees for registering French Bulldog puppies in Finnish Kennel Club.
  • Advice on breeding matters.
  • Free puppy information (e.g. advertisement on our club’s Internet pages)
  • Right to vote on our club’s annual- & general meetings
  • Syyspäivät, annual unofficial specialty show
  • Various types of training and lectures
  • Local activities arranged by the local branches of our club

The membership options and prices in 2019:

Type €/year Note!
Annual member 25 All benefits mentioned on this page
Family member 15 No magazine (otherwise like above)
Supporting member 10 No benefits
New member registration fee 3

Joining the club
By filling in the following form, you can retrieve a club membership. Send the carefully completed form, either by email or snail mail to the Membership Secretary (contact information below), or just use the electronic application form. The Board will handle the new member applications at board meetings and the Membership Secretary will contact you by email when your application is processed.

Membership application form FI (pdf)

Electronic application form FI

For more information about the club and its activities, contact membership secretary, secretary or the chairman of the board. Contact information, see here.

Change in address
Please remember to inform our membership secretary of any changes in your contact information.